What is tempo running and how?

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Tempo running is to fix a speed, usually running at the actual match speed or slightly lower than the match speed. The purpose is to let you experience and adapt to the physical feelings of the actual game in advance. Rhythm running is mainly used to increase the maximum oxygen uptake (how many milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute).

But whether your initial purpose is to be healthy, or to improve your athletic ability, rhythm training should be included in the training program at the beginning of the training. Regular tempo running training can not only improve your slow and fast muscle fibers, but also quickly improve your aerobic endurance, speed endurance, and cultivate your own sense of rhythm. The tempo running is also called lactate threshold run: in the increasing load movement, the blood lactate concentration increases with the increase of the exercise load. When the exercise intensity reaches a certain load, the starting point of the blood lactate concentration rises sharply. Called the lactate threshold.

In daily training, many runners mistake the lactic acid as the culprit of muscle aches after running, but in fact, the body cleans up lactic acid very quickly, especially some talented athletes, sometimes in the game to properly reduce the pace , you can eliminate lactic acid. Such athletes are often referred to as “anti-” lactic acid-capable athletes.

Usually, when the athlete’s blood lactic acid accumulation rate in the game is greater than the cleaning rate, it will drop speed, and even lead to forced to stop and stop. Lactic acid itself does not cause fatigue, but is caused by the associated products of lactic acid accumulation. Therefore, in the usual training, we must often try some lactic acid valve running training.

Training method: warm up and run 5 kilometers, ignoring speed. Take a 10km race as the standard, run 10km at the match speed (for example, run 4km with 4 minutes and 50 seconds), then jog for 2km and relax and resume running.

This training method is often used for pre-match drills. Through this simulation game, your body state can consume carbohydrates and fat more efficiently at the game pace, maximizing the speed of the game. In addition, often try to match the pace of training, but also reflect some of the problems found in the game and how to replenish your target speed.

Of course, this kind of running method can be upgraded to a long-distance jogging with a fixed pace, that is, running 26 to 30 kilometers according to the speed of the match, 10 days to 1 month, the premise should be warm-up (about 5 km) movement, finish running After the stretching exercise, and on the way to train according to the rules of the actual game.

In daily training, a training concept of “slow first and then fast” should be instilled. Moreover, the gradual acceleration strategy in training and competition not only maintains a good running rhythm, but also saves athletes’ physical energy consumption compared to sudden acceleration.

That’s all. Enjoy it.

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