What I found in 2018.

Runner stories

2018 is passing, I hope everyone has a good year, and I wanna talk about what I have found in this year.

  1. You don’t need to run a long distance to keep healthy
    I used to be a marathon supremacist. I used to think that running means faster pace, longer distance and better records. I was wrong. Two years ago, the doctor told me that my knees and ankles were very fragile and can no longer withstand more than ten kilometers of running training at once. I was very frustrated because I really enjoyed the long running experience and constantly challenging my endurance limit. However, my body obviously could not adapt to my waywardness. I quickly overdated myself and became a “incomplete runner” within a distance of ten kilometers, which is my definition of myself at that time.
    But I found out that I was wrong again this year. The marathon has the fun of marathon. The 5km and 10km runs also have a flavor too. And shorter distance means that I no longer need that long recover time as past. If it is under 10km, I can run every day, and my joints are also rested and relaxed in this continuous low-intensity running exercise. Believe it or not, I haven’t felt the pain in the leg muscles or my joints for a year long. I think it is a good sigh.
  1. Run shorter and you can still achieve your running goals.
  2. At the beginning of the year, considering my physical condition, I set myself a running goal of 1000 kilometers for the whole year. Compared with the past 2,000 kilometers, this is a worthless task, but when I set this goal, I was suffering from joint pain. I can barely walk myself downstairs without pain. In fact, I have no confidence in this conservative goal to complete it.
  3. So I had to adjust my running habits. The past 10km of the baseline was adjusted to 5 km. And I decided to complete every run with a relaxed attitude. I didn’t care about speed, heart rate and running posture anymore for the first time. I just wanted to go back running again. .
  4. Surprisingly, I used to run 3~4 times a week, 40~50 kilometers per week. Now I run 6~7 times a week, I can still run for more than 40km a week, and it is very easy to complete. My running plan was not affected at all. There are still a few days from the end of 2018, but I have already ran 1179 kms. Considering the bad weather and busy work days this year, it is a miracle to me.

Running is not just for yourself, you can also influence others.
In August of this year, I started to try plogging. This is a very cool new sport. You need to pick up the rubbish on the road while running, because it is necessary to start and stop frequently, which makes the running exercise more effective. At the same time, it has also made running upgrades a public welfare undertaking. Yes, runners are no longer a group of arrogant city rangers. They share the same fate with the city, not only challenging and changing themselves, but also trying to make The city has become more beautiful and livable.
I am very honored to be able to participate in the plogging team, do something for the community I live in, and I am very happy to see more and more people participating in the sport. This attempt led me to discover that running is not just physical exercise, but spiritual practice.

Persist in running, you will unconsciously break through yourself.
On Saturday morning, after I easily ran ten kilometers with 57 points, I suddenly wondered why I stopped running for ten kilometers. Then I did it. I spent 1 hour and 59 minutes to complete one and a half. Cheng Marathon, did not drink water, did not eat, did not interrupt, no pain and discomfort. This is incredible. When I felt that the state was far better than it was two years ago, I used 2 hours and 03 minutes to complete it, and accompanied by a burst of muscle pain and joint pain, I drank a bottle of sports drink. I ate two energy gels. I have not ran a distance of more than 13 kilometers this year, and I can easily complete a half-marathon. I think I have upgraded from the inside out.

Harvested love
In the past, I started running because I wanted to forget loneliness and pain, but running gave me more. He gave me optimism, enthusiasm, love, and turned me into a person who knows how to help and care for others. So I finally I have met my love this year, this is the biggest gain since I started running. As the book says, insist on running, bad will eventually pass, good will always meet.

Thanks to the running for me, 2018 is an unforgettable year, and 2019 will be full of hope.

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