The sixth day in tour, the first run in New Zealand.

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Today is the sixth day of coming to New Zealand.

Beautiful scenery, food, fresh and pure air, there are too many places to go, it seems that two weeks is more than enough time, and now it seems pitiful.
Looking at the growing picture folder in the phone, I can’t help but sigh, New Zealand is really like the Eden created by God.
These days, the itinerary is full, airplanes, cars, walking, I am like a hungry imported sheep, greedily breathing New Zealand’s good mountains and water, chewing the scenery of every corner.

Day1 – Auckland
Day2 – Waitomo, Rotorua
Day3 – Waiotap, Matamata, Auckland
Day4 – Christchurch
Day5 – Punakaiki, Hokitika

In the morning, I was awake in the morning light shining into the room. The running shoes in the corner were already in the air.
Now, I am no longer satisfied with being a guest. I don’t just want to keep the beauty of New Zealand in my eyes, in the camera, I want to go into the beauty.

Warm up, ready to go; clock points to 6:40; temperature 6 degrees Celsius, breeze, sunny, really a good weather for running.
In the early morning, the town was covered with a morning light, with blue sky and white clouds in New Zealand. It was more quiet and peaceful. Most of the residents were still asleep, and the streets of the town were empty.

A cat running across the street, glanced at a stranger, and walked away with arrogance, looking like a landlord.

I ran along the Revell Street, through the quiet neighborhood, to the town center of Hokitika, took a photo punch, the morning and the evening at the seaside, had a different flavor.

                                           Seaside, the morning of Hokitika

                                           Seaside, the evening of Hokitika

Continue to run along the coastline and run to the river. The early fishermen have started their day’s work.

Unknown birds gather in the estuary, chasing, noisy.

People and nature live in harmony here and don’t bother each other.

Didn’t stop long. I turned back to the street again and wandered aimlessly in the town.

Sculptures in the town center, holy church, clean and tidy streets, hare sunbathing on the corner.



A originally ordinary seaside town, bathed in the morning light on the west coast of New Zealand, seeming to be stained with magic power, so pure and beautiful.

NZ is a magical country.

I ended the morning run, and after breakfast I had to set foot on the journey again to the next beautiful coordinates.  However, Hokitika has left my footprints.

Running is actually measuring a city. The scenery that you ran will not only stay in your camera files, but will eventually stay in your heart.

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      Hi Trenton.
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