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What is the MAF training method?

The full name of MAF is MAF180 heart rate training method, and MAF refers to the maximum aerobic state.

The author of the MAF training method is Dr. Philip Ma Feitong, a coach of the triathlon. His method has been more than 20 years old. The 1994 MAF training method was named the best triathlon training of the year by the magazine. law.

The main purpose of MAF training is to lay a very strong aerobic capacity, not just for running, but also for other sports that require endurance, such as triathlon.

MAF180 training can also be said to be a method of health in a certain sense. If you get the law, you can get good training results when training is not so hard, and not only improve the performance of the game, but more importantly, the body’s function is really improved, and the body is in a more balanced and healthy state.

Three elements of the MAF training method

First, the maximum training heart rate The first key element of the MAF training method is to calculate your maximum heart rate.

The MAF180 training method is simple and easy to understand: the 180 is subtracted from the runner’s age, and the figure is the maximum heart rate HRmax. This number is further reduced by 10 is the minimum heart rate HRmin. When running, the heart rate is controlled in this interval, and the maximum heart rate HRmax is as close as possible.

The figures obtained need to be adjusted according to the health status:

1. If you are suffering from or are in a major illness (such as heart disease, surgery, or other illness requiring hospitalization), you are still taking a certain medication at a time. Decrease 10.

2. If you are injured, the results of recent competitions or training have obviously regressed. More than two colds, flu or other infections per year, seasonal allergies or asthma, lack of training, or just restarting training. First, subtract 5 again.

3. If you insist on training (at least four times a week) for two years and do not encounter any of the problems mentioned in the previous two, you do not need to adjust.

4. If you persist in training for more than two years and have never encountered any of the problems mentioned in the previous two, and your grades increase year by year, add 5.

PS: In the early stage of running, in order to have better exercise effect, exercise should keep the heartbeat less than, equal to the maximum training heart rate, not lower than the minimum training heart rate. As our abilities improve, we can run faster and faster at the same heart rate.

Second, the self-assessment of the MAF training method

Everything we do is constantly adjusted and constantly improving. The same is true for running. Only run first, then adjust according to your own running conditions, in order to achieve the best training results.

The second key to the MAF training method is self-assessment. Through self-assessment, you can clearly know whether your athletic performance has improved and where improvement is needed.

In fact, the training method, a little understand the principle of exercise or know a little mathematics will know, the heart rate is determined according to your physical strength and lung capacity and other physical qualities, assuming a 30-year-old ordinary person, with 145 heart rate continued Running for 1 hour, you can run 7 kilometers, but a 30-year-old with more than two years of continuous training, running with 145 heart rate, you can run 9 kilometers. Then how do we know if we are improving, we need to use self-assessment.

The MAF training method is tested with 8 km. If the beginner thinks that the 8 km is longer, it can be reduced to 4 km or 5 km. The principle is the same. Note that the premise of the test here is performed after the warm-up mentioned in the detailed training method below, excluding warm-up and cooling time, please note.

Test start

1 km in 6 minutes

2 km Time 6 minutes 10 seconds (refers to the time of the second 1 km time, the same below)

3 km in 6 minutes and 25 seconds

4 km in 6 minutes and 40 seconds

5 km in 7 minutes

6 km in 7 minutes and 20 seconds

7 km in 7 minutes and 40 seconds

8 km in 8 minutes

According to the law, the first 1 km should be the fastest, the last 1 km should be the slowest, and the time is increasing. If not, the warm-up mentioned below is not enough. Follow this test. Way, it is recommended to test once a month, you can find that you are slowly making progress.

When you have been training with the MAF method for more than 3 months, the score has not improved, which means that your training is problematic. Perhaps it is excessive training, perhaps caused by prolonged fatigue. It is also possible that when aerobic exercise capacity declines (concentricity, running speed is slower than before), it may indicate the arrival of an injury (and possibly a disease, such as a cold). Therefore, the MAF test should be performed regularly.

Third, the specific training process of the MAF training method, specific requirements for warm-up and cooling

Basically the first one, the third step is the same. But the MAF training method and other methods are somewhat different.

Your continuous running heart rate must be within the effective heart rate range. For example, my heart rate is between 135 and 155, so you need to run in this heart rate range. And it is better to be close to 155.

Through the MAF training method, after 3 to 4 months of training, our running efficiency will become higher and higher, and we will run faster and faster under the same heart rate.

The whole process of MAF is divided into three stages, namely warm-up, continuous movement and cooling, as discussed below.

The example is still 30 years old, MAF maximum heart rate of 145 people, assuming a normal heart rate of 75.

Warm-up: Warm-up is recommended for at least 15 minutes, warming up for the first minute, the heart rate is increased to 80, after 2 minutes, after 85, 3 minutes, 90, in increments, slowly reaching 145 in 15 minutes.

Continuous exercise: Keep yourself at 145 heart rate. If you exceed it, slow down your exercise speed. It is the most difficult for beginners to master. The most ugly thing is this place. Sometimes it can’t run, you can only go quickly, often by some old people. Beyond…

Cooling down: It is recommended to cool down for at least 15 minutes. Slowly cool down by the opposite method of warming up, but the difference is that the temperature drop is required to drop to 85, which is the usual heart rate +10.

In terms of exercise time, if you have 1 hour, warm up for 15 minutes, continue to exercise for 30 minutes, and cool down for 15 minutes. In particular, if you only have 30 minutes, then it is recommended to warm up for 15 minutes, then directly into the cooling step, it is not recommended to reduce the warm-up and cooling time.

The role of MAF training

1. Effectively improve the ability of the heart to pump blood, the oxygen carrying capacity of the unit blood, and the efficiency of metabolic fat supply during exercise, which can significantly improve the long-distance running results.

2, due to the low intensity of exercise, you can avoid the injury caused by muscle fatigue and movement deformation during running, such as plantar fasciitis, knee wear and other issues.

3, because the heart rate has a strict upper limit, the body stimulation is small, the free radicals generated by long-distance running are suppressed to the maximum extent, and can effectively avoid the excessive oxidation of the runner body caused by excessive accumulation of free radicals.

The initial speed of practicing MAF180 may be very slow, and even basically go. With the increase of aerobic capacity, the speed of MAF heart rate will gradually increase, which means that you are improving.

Masaoka Masaru once said: “When the pain is unbearable, there will be happiness in the dark.”

Beginners and long-distance running are painful, and the MAF180 rule can reduce the pain and wait for happiness close to you without suffering.

From the comments of foreign countries, the MAF training method is relatively gentle and adaptable. Professional athletes, runners, beginners, women, the elderly, and injured athletes can easily adapt to this training method, especially at the beginning. When the scholar just entered the running sport, it is easy to quit after two times of running, because of the common problems of various beginners, such as leg and foot pain, high heart rate, hypoxia, psychological resistance, lack of vital capacity, and exercise time. Short, unable to lose weight, etc., and the MAF training method is a better solution to these problems.

The biggest drawback of MAF is that it takes time, but it can improve physical fitness. This is the most important. Because each person’s physique is different, different body types are different, some people have not practiced, but running 10KM can run 45 points. We are too tired to run less than 45 points. There are a lot of reasons for the physique here. MAF can improve physical fitness, and this fast running is not realized.

The length of the training and the total number of miles should be set according to your goals. It takes a certain time for the new aerobic foundation to be laid. A solid foundation for long-distance running may take 4-5 years. Training should pay attention to the increase of mileage, and the speed will gradually increase with the increase of aerobic basis. The improvement of aerobic capacity is not as simple as absolute speed. What is more important is the ability to hold the speed without slowing down.

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