The most well-known four running shoe brands among amateur runners.

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For those who like to run, how important a pair of good running shoes is, a pair of cool running shoes can make you fall in love with running, a pair of suitable running shoes with that you may run over 1000+ kilometers. So how do you choose a running shoe brand? Today, I will introduce you to the four major brands of global running shoes. For those who are interested in the four major brands of running shoes in the world, let’s take a look at the four brands of global running shoes.
Here are the top four brands of global running shoes:
1.Asics – designed for Asian foot design

Asics is the first of the four running shoes. It is the running shoe brand founded by Mr. KIHACHIRO ONITSUKA in Japan. The Chinese translation is “Aishikesi”. The ASICS name consists of the first letter of the Latin word “Anima Sana in Corpore Sano”, which reflects the values ​​of KIHACHIRO ONITSUKA: training healthy adolescents through exercise.
ONITSUKA was founded in 1949. In 1950, the first pair of sneakers, Bashu, was launched, but this is only a basketball shoe. In 1951, Shigeki Tanaka, a 19-year-old from Hiroshima, won the title of the Boston Marathon, the world’s first marathon, for the first time in Japan’s strange TIGER running shoes, so the ONITSUKA running shoes became famous.

2. Saucony – Rolls Royce in sneakers

Saucony enjoys the reputation of “Rolls Royce in Sports Shoes” in the United States. The company is headquartered in the United States and has a history of more than 100 years. Half a century ago, the first American astronaut who wandered in space, wore Saucony to the moon. The biggest feature of Saucony running shoes is that they can adapt to different foot types and gaits. The core technology of Saucony running shoes is: GRID system, which is recognized as the only midsole technology system in the world that can provide both cushioning and stabilization functions. It is a technology that can provide both shock and stability, and uses special elastomer to form the side. The edge structure is connected by a mesh system. When the foot touches the ground, the mesh system is deformed by pressure, forming a ball like a tennis racket, and the impact force is absorbed by this. This feeling is like a heel of a shoe like a tennis racket. Your feet are tennis balls. Every time you touch the ground, it is like hitting a ball. Saucony running shoes can greatly help runners get the best protection and sporting results.

3.Brooks: A member of Berkshire Hathaway Incorperation

Brooks was born in Pennsylvania in 1914. The head office is located in Seattle. It is dedicated to the development of professional sports shoes. It is the first professional brand of EVA midsole materials for sports shoes. Brooks’ outstanding cushioning performance is derived from a five-layer precision structure with near-perfect quality construction. The core DNA buffer media patent technology can change the rebound strength according to the strength of your pedaling. For consumers of different foot types such as general foot type, flat foot type and high bow foot, Brooks works with different professional technologies to design the right shoes. BROOKS designs three platforms according to the different feet of the runners: linear platform, general platform and curved platform. It also develops special shoes with special width and low arch for Asian foot types.


4. New Balance New Balance – Presidential Running Shoes

Compared with the above three brands, New Balance is more familiar to Chinese sports fans. Founded by William J. Riley in Boston, USA in 1906, New Balance has become a favorite brand for many successful entrepreneurs and political leaders. Obama has been a fan of this brand in the US and many countries. Known as “president jogging shoes.”

These four brands are well-known among amateur runners, and it does not mean that you can only choose their shoes. In fact, over the years, there have been many excellent running shoes to choose from. For example, Altra (my favorite shoes are Olympus trail running shoes from Altra), Mizuno, Adidas boost, Hoka One One and so on.

Running is an adventure that discovers an unknown. Picking a pair of running shoes is the same thing. No shoes is perfect but you will find the one suits you well enough.

Wish you picking a pair of favorite running shoes and start enjoying your running.

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