The history of Xiamen Marathon.

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The Xiamen Marathon was founded in 2003 by the China Athletics Association and the Xiamen Municipal People’s Government. It was broadcast live by CCTV and Xiamen TV, and was broadcast by more than 40 domestic and foreign TV stations. From 2003 to 2017, the name “Xiamen International Marathon” was used, and in 2018 it was changed to its current name.
After development, Xiamen Marathon has become one of the most influential and internationally renowned marathon events in China with its high level of competition, extensive participation and rich supporting activities. Since 2007, it has been awarded as “International Field” by IAAF. The road runs the gold standard event.” Since 2008, the Xiamen Marathon is scheduled to be held on the first Saturday of January each year.Xiamen is located in the subtropical zone, with four seasons like spring, the annual average temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, the air quality is excellent, the temperature is between 15-20 degrees Celsius, and the weather is very beautiful, it is very suitable for holding the spring marathon.
On December 3, 2002, an e-mail from the general citizen motor suggested to the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government that “an international marathon be held on the roundabout road that is equivalent to the marathon schedule.” At the beginning of December, Xiamen applied to the State Sports General Administration for the Xiamen International Marathon. Officials of the Athletics Management Center of the State Sports General Administration then went to Xiamen for a field trip. On December 30, Xiamen was officially approved by the State Sports General Administration.
On March 30, 2003, after three months of intense preparations, the first Xiamen International Marathon was held as scheduled. From 2003 to 2007, the Xiamen International Marathon was held on the last Saturday of March each year.

The Xiamen International Marathon has been highly valued by the Xiamen Municipal Government. After only three years of operation, the Xiamen Marathon has become a famous Chinese event brand, and it has become a “one south, one north, spring and autumn alternate” with the Beijing International Marathon, which was founded in 1981. Potential.
Since 2008, the Xiamen International Marathon has been advanced from the last Saturday in March to the first Saturday in January, making the weather more suitable for the competition.

In 2015, the Xiamen International Marathon made major adjustments to the competition route, and in order to further enhance the level of specialization, the event only has two projects, the marathon and the half marathon. In order to meet the needs of different players, the organizing committee held a 10km and 5km health run on Haishu Avenue on December 13, 2014, plus a cross-strait women’s half marathon held in Haitang on November 1st. Formed a series of “Marathon Long Run Season” series. In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of the local citizens, on the basis of the amateur group awards in 2014, the Xiamen Citizen Marathon Award (with household registration as the standard) and the 10km award for the supporting competition were added. In this year’s event, the men’s full marathon broke the record of the Xiamen International Marathon with a score of 2:06:19, and at the same time refreshed the best results in the marathon in China.

In 2016, the Xiamen International Marathon only set up two projects for the marathon and the 5km healthy run. On December 12th, 2015, a half marathon and a 10km healthy running event were held in Haitang.
In 2017, the Xiamen International Marathon was upgraded to the full-time full-horse race for the first time. Only male and female marathons were set up. On December 10th, 2016, the “Xiamen (Haicang) International Half Marathon” was held in Xiamen Haicang.

Since 2018, the Xiamen International Marathon has been officially renamed as “Xiamen Marathon”.

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