The five secrets to keep breathing smoothly while running.

Runner training

In the crowd that started running, many friends will not be able to run for a long time and will stop painfully. The main reason is that the breathing is not smooth when running.

Many people who are not good at running may have problems with breathing methods. After mastering the correct breathing method, they can easily run. This situation is not limited to the first runners. If you feel panting as soon as you run, then it is recommended that you master the correct breathing method. Mastering the correct breathing method is not only to run faster, but also to be able to run easily and happily. It is also good for keeping the correct running position. The point of breathing is to inhale as much air as possible into the lungs and then exhale smoothly. It is usually repeated in the rhythm of “in, in; out, out”. However, due to the different circumstances of each person, this breathing rhythm is not necessarily suitable for everyone. It is most important to find a breathing method that suits you and use it for running.

Tip 1: Fully inhale and exhale

I feel poor breathing when I run, and most of the time I repeat repeated shallow breathing while running. When running, the efficient use of oxygen can eliminate the pain of breathing. Shallow breathing can’t inhale a lot of oxygen every time. If you feel a lot of breathing while running, you probably stay in the shallow layer. In order to inhale more oxygen at this time, please pay attention to the big mouth breathing. When the oxygen inhaled through the nose and mouth reaches the lungs through the trachea, it really begins to breathe. If only shallow breathing is performed, the proportion of air that passes through the trachea but does not reach the lungs is increased, and the proportion of successful breathing is reduced. This is the reason why you must breathe deeply. In addition, pay attention to exhalation when increasing speed. Gradually increase the pace during running, and it will be difficult to maintain deep breathing and feel fatigue. This is because the fatigue substance called lactic acid gradually accumulates in the body after exceeding a certain rate of distribution, and becomes an obstacle to energy generation. At this time, by discharging carbon dioxide as much as possible by breathing, it is possible to suppress an increase in lactic acid. If you feel panting and tired when you are running, it is important to consciously exhale as much as possible.

Tip 2: Suits you.

The breathing method when running varies with the speed of running, and everyone has a difference. There is no single correct method. “2 inhales, 2 exhales”, “2 inhales, 1 long exhale”, etc., each person uses the corresponding high-efficiency breathing method according to their own rhythm. However, when you jog, deep breathing, increase the speed of breathing, and pay attention to exhalation. This is something everyone should pay attention to.

Tip 3: Adjust your breathing according to your pace.

In the running breathing method, it can be roughly classified into three categories according to the speed of the dispensing. First of all, the basic breathing method when jogging is 4 inhales and 4 exhales, that is, “↓,↓,↓,↓; ↑,↑,↑,↑.” Then, when the speed is slightly increased, it is 2 inhales and 2 inhales, that is, “↓,↓; ↑,↑.” Then, when the speed is further increased, the switch is switched to 2 breaths, 2 inhales and 1 long exhale, that is, the rhythm of “↓,↓; ↑-“. The point is to choose the rhythm that suits your speed, so that the rhythm of breathing and the legs are echoed.
Breathing with the pace is not only suitable for training, but also for speed during competition. If you want to speed up, if you have already used the breathing method of “↓,↓; ↑-”, and you still feel overwhelmed, which means you have exceeded your limit and you should pay attention to suppressing the speed. Especially for the fresh runners, it is easy to lose the usual pace and run too fast in the first game. If you master the breathing method with the pace, you can control the speed yourself.

Tip 4: Find your own running rhythm through the breathing rate

Normally, the natural breathing rhythm has little to do with the your legs and arms. But, If these fall apart, thewhole body rhythm of the running will be uncoordinated. The rhythm of running is 4 beats (4 steps 1 breath) or 3 beats (3 steps 1 breath), but most of the runners have 4 beats. The main point is to exert force when exhaling, and vomiting completely. And your breath smoothly sounds like drinking a cup of tea, instead of eating a spicy hot pot.

Tip 5: Consciously exercise your breathing skills in daily life

Running has a variety of efficient breathing methods, but in order to master the essentials of smooth breathing while running, it is also important to pay attention to breathing in daily life. Inhale slowly for about 5 seconds, hold your breath for 2-3 seconds, and then exhale with 5-10 seconds. At this point, it is important to not only use your mouth, but also to breathe with your nose, as well as the feeling of opening the chest. In addition, it is necessary to develop a habit of taking a deep breath before training and competition.


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