The fall is calling, the runners are running.

Runner training

Autumn is coming, the wind is whistling, and the temperature drops to a dozen degrees. For the runners, it is time to add some clothes. Have a goodbye to the hot summer, the cold winter has not yet arrived, grasp the autumn time and run it!
Autumn is the best running season for me. The cool climate, rare rainy days, is ideal for long-term outdoor training. Grasp this 2~3 months, you will run faster than in the past few months, because the hotter the weather, the slower you run. Before the race come, take the time to run!
Here are 4 suggestions for fall training, maybe helpful.

  1. Scientifically increase your running distance

In order to enjoy the fun of running in this season for a longer period of time, you should arrange for a longer distance (extend the distance every other week). The training is completed in the rhythm of jogging, each time increasing the distance by 1 km or 1.5 km. Walk 20-30 seconds per minute to avoid fatigue.

  1. Find your good partner

Considering that there are many difficulties in the upcoming winter that hinder training, it is a wise choice to find a partner training from the beginning of the fall. Find a training partner with a common ambition to stay with you after the seasons get cold. At the same time, talking with multiple people can alleviate the fatigue and loneliness of the individual training. If the conversation is smooth, your breathing rhythm will be the appropriate exercise level. But before you decide on a candidate, find out if people are at the same level as you first.

  1. Adding clothing while needed

Between morning and evening, there will be a big ups and downs like a roller coaster, the temperature changes significantly. If you wearing too cool, you may catch cold, and cold air may hurt your body, or cause joint pain. Therefore, be prepared for warmth. But you don’t need to wear too much, otherwise it will lead to high body temperature and inconvenient movement. A light and windy sports jacket might be a good idea.

  1. Trail running after route check
    Cross-country runners will love the autumn forest road. For the road runners, the texture produced by the fallen leaves on the thick soil will also bring different training feelings. So please check the route before training. Note: Falling leaves will cover the pits, roots, stones and other traps on the road, so be sure to check beforehand and be careful.

Please enjoy the autumn that belongs to you and run out big:)

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