The 33-year-old Kenyan marathon star created his PB and a new world record.

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On September 16, 2018, the Berlin Marathon, the 33-year-old Kipchoge broke the four-year marathon world record and crowned the Berma Championship in 2 hours, 01 minutes and 39 seconds.

Kipchoge has always believed in a word, “No human is limited.”

Today, he proved this sentence with his own actions. Not only did he harvest the tenth gold medal in his 11th marathon, but also broke the marathon world record by 78 seconds, which made the goal of “breaking 2” from the marathon. A step closer.

After the game, it was said that the 2018 Berlin Marathon was a boring personal show. During the whole game people was just watching Kipchoge marching at full speed like a tireless running machine. Without the expected big show of the two giants, Kipchoge and his compatriot Wilson Kipsang, neither a sudden rise of the black horse. “boring” is the colour of the entire game.

But I think this is precisely the difficulty of this game, because Kipchoge has to rely on his own will to challenge the world record of mankind. In other words, in this game, he wants to overcome himself and create his personal best (PB). . But no one doubts that Kipchoge can do this, not only because he already has the fastest record of the human marathon (NikeBreaking2), because he has had enough physical and mental strength in his 15 years of hard work and arrived at his predecessors. Unreachable in the field of runners, he can withstand the loneliness of this path and break through the barriers that block the potential of human running.

On the wet track after the 2017 Berlin Marathon, Kipchoge ran out at 2:03:32, missing the world record. After that, with a record-breaking determination he come to this year’s London Marathon, although the half-run ran 61 mins, but the hot weather caused Kipchoge to slow down in the second half, the final 2:04:17 results are very good in that situation, but not good enough for Kipchoge because the widened gap between him and the world record.

Going back to Berlin again, Kipchoge, who has tried twice, has a bigger goal: to run his personal best (PB).

Kipchoge’s PB is 2:03:05 before the game, Dennis Kimetto’s world record is 2:02:57, 8 seconds to create a world record, but obviously, at this time in here Kipchoge is not stand for a new world record, the world record is only  a bonus coming with his personal best running.

The weather on the track finally stood on the side of Kip Georg. The temperature before the start was around 15 degrees Celsius. The temperature at the end of the race is expected to be around 18 degrees Celsius and the wind speed is about 15km/h (breeze). Everything seems perfect.

Dramatically, at first we thought it would be a competition between the two of best marathon runners, Kipchoge and Kipsang, but Kipchoge left Kipsang behind in the first two kilometers, and formed the first group with three lead runners, “Rabbits”. The momentum looks like, today I gonna accomplish the “breaking two hours” mission alone.

Here is the running record of Kipchoge in this Berlin Marathon.

5 km: 14 minutes 24 interval speed 2 minutes 52.8/km

10 km: 29 minutes 01 interval speed 2 minutes 55.4/km

15 km: 43 minutes 38 interval speed 2 minutes 55.4/km

20 km: 57 minutes 56 interval speed 2 minutes 51.6/km

Half way: 1 hour 01 minutes 06 half way speed 2 minutes 53.8/km

25 km: 1 hour 12 minutes 24 interval Speed ​​2 minutes 53.6/km

30 km: 1 hour 26 minutes 45 interval Speed ​​2 minutes 52.2/km – new world record!

35 km: 1 hour 41 minutes 01 interval speed 2 minutes 51.2/km – new world record!

40 km: 1 hour 55 minutes 32 interval speed 2 minutes 54.2/km – new world record!

The whole journey: 2 hours, 01 minutes, 39 full speed, 2 points, 53.0/km, new world record!

42.195 km, 2 hours, 01 minutes and 39 seconds, Kipchoge rides the dust! Refreshed the world record of compatriot Dennis Kimetto in the 2014 Berlin Marathon 2 hours 02 minutes 57 seconds!

“I think my marathon score can break through 1 hour and 59 minutes.” This is Kipchoge’s own limit target mentioned in China last year. At that time, everyone was stunned and thought it was unrealistic at the moment. But now no one dares to refute Kipchoge, he is using actual actions to prove “No human is limited.”

So what is the premise of a man who can calmly say this sentence? It is a kind of pure love for running, ocean-deep love!

Kipchoge said in an interview in 2013 that I can tell you about my training plan and status 10 years ago.

I have been writing a training diary for 15 consecutive years, running with interest, and sleeping at 9:00 every night. It is a self-discipline for 15 years. It is a restraint of only two games a year. It is a heart that truly loves running and has achieved the marathon of today.

Congratulations to Kipchoge for finally refreshing his personal best. I hope that you can represent humanity in the future, break through the two-hour barrier hanging over our heads, create another history of marathon, and the history of human running limits.

Only the disciplined ones in life are free. If you are undisciplined, you are a slave to your moods and your passions.

——Eliud Kipchoge

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