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Today is an unforgettable day. Altra Provision, the running shoe that accompanied me for three years, finally ushered in the days of retirement.

I want to say thank you to him.
Maybe some people looked at a pair of running shoes and said thank you for being a bit strange.

But in my opinion, an item that accompanied you to spend 1322km running alone is more than just an item, but a good partner.

Thank you for my good partner!
Thank you for helping me get back on the right track again and again when I want to give up.
The only thing I can promise is running, yes, running all the way until my end.
Your next successor is Altra Escalante. People say that Escalante is a pair of excellent running shoes like you. I think they are wrong. No pair of running shoes is the same. From the beginning to the end, they are given extraordinary meaning.

Goodbye old man!
You deserve to rest in peace, but the fragments we run together will always live in my memory.

Thank U pal,
Keep running!

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