Running in the summer, remembering these 10 tips is enough!

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A hot summer is a challenge for everyone who loves running. Although you can’t control the rising temperature, humidity, and heat index, you can use the following suggestions to overcome the heat, complete the daily running training more comfortably, and run safely and comfortably through the summer. Whether you are a novice runner or a sportsman, the following 10 summer running tricks must be kept in mind.

1. Two weeks to adapt to high temperatures

Generally speaking, you need to spend about two weeks to adapt to high temperatures. Slowing down your running speed and reducing your workout intensity is much better than sticking to the speed of not running slow and running. This will allow you to adapt to the environment more effectively, continue to run, and your own cooling capacity will continue to increase.

2. The right time to go running

Try to avoid running training between 10 am and 3 pm unless you are training for a particular event. Generally speaking, in the hot weather, the morning is the best exercise time. Look at the weather forecast before starting the training. High temperatures mean more ozone and pollutants in the air. You should choose to exercise indoors. Because pollutants in the air can also harm your lungs.
In fact, it is best to choose morning and evening training in the summer to avoid the peak of sunshine. Before 8 o’clock in the morning, after 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the ultraviolet rays will fade away. This time training will be less threatened by the sun.
Run at night, try not to run on the concrete floor where the residual heat is still high. The running time should be based on your own ability, so that the body can slowly adapt. There are more and more people running in the summer night, so remember to pay attention to the safety of night running.

3. Do a good job of sun protection

Every summer, I don’t know how many people will forget to apply sunscreen. After running, they will be like a lobster.
The body’s immune function is limited during training, so our skin is more susceptible to the adverse effects of sunlight. Sweating enhances the skin’s photosensitivity, so people who run in hot weather are more susceptible to the sun. So in order to avoid skin disease, we must remember to apply sunscreen before each run.

4. Choose light clothes

Loose, light-colored clothes can withstand the harmful rays of the sun, keeping your body cool. Brightly colored clothing can also reflect sunlight. The key to keeping your body cool is to find the right clothing for you. Therefore, runners try not to choose sportswear such as black and dark gray, which will speed up your body temperature.

5. Slow down the running speed

Sweating is a way to reduce body temperature. But in hot weather, the skin needs more blood to cool down, and the blood that supplies muscles is reduced. Therefore, your body does not have enough blood to support you to increase your exercise. When the temperature is too high, even people with strong adaptability should slow down the running speed. Before running, you can calculate the amount of running you can complete, and then run 2/3 of the target mileage. If you feel good at this time, you can also speed up a bit.

6. Ensure that the body is sweating smoothly

Sweating is the main cooling mechanism of the human body. When you train in hot weather, you must pay attention to the choice of sportswear, avoid wearing ordinary clothes, such as cotton T-shirts, cotton clothes will feel comfortable when worn normally, but will stick to the skin after a lot of sweating. It is not conducive to sweating and heat dissipation.
At this time, runners can choose light, breathable, quick-drying clothing, which can quickly absorb your sweat and quickly evaporate or convert into other energy. It is best to prepare a few pairs of running shoes in summer running, change the running shoes frequently, keep the shoes dry, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria.

7. Replenish water in time

Training a lot of sweat in summer will cause the water to drain quickly and cause the burden on the heart. More hydration can also cool down. Proper hydration in hot weather will make your perspiration system smoother. A reasonable hydration during training will keep your blood volume close to normal, which in turn will make your sweat rate higher. Moreover, since oxygen is delivered to the muscles through the blood, proper hydration can ensure the amount of blood produced by the heart. Providing more oxygen will give you better performance.
Replenishment is not just about replenishing water, it also includes replenishing electrolytes, whether you get it from sports drinks or other supplies. Therefore, if you are running long distances, you should not only prepare mineral water. In addition, the runner should not feel thirsty, only to think of drinking water, it should be exercised for a while to replenish water. When you feel thirsty, you may have been mildly dehydrated. If you run a marathon, you will have trouble. Of course, people have individual differences, and it is most important to run safely.
But also pay attention to, do not drink too much water at once, when the concentration of sodium in the blood is too low, the body will appear hyponatremia or water poisoning. The disease usually occurs when the body sweats a lot and immediately replenishes water. Its symptoms include dizziness, muscle spasm, confusion, and bloating. Critically ill patients can become comatose and even life-threatening.

8. Take the initiative to cool down

When running in the summer, many people wear visors when they run, and some people are used to taking ice cubes from the water station and under the hats and sports underwear, or else bring bottle of ice water.
It is very common in the Triathlon competition to water the athletes to the head. This is the reason, the forehead, the back of the head, the back of the ear… Watering or ice application in these places that can quickly make you comfortable will make your training smoother.

9. Companion running with care

Summer running, especially the long-distance running, the best companion, there is a kind of care between each other, there are bad signs to remind or stop in time, many people can run to organize logistics services, fixed points to add water, physical exhaustion can be timely Help to avoid dangers. Run alone, preferably within 10 km, and prepare drinks. If there is heatstroke, dizziness, headache, thirst, general fatigue, palpitation and other symptoms, call the 120 emergency hotline in time, transfer the patient to a cool place, lie flat, and give sugary drinks in time.

10. Do your best

No matter what the circumstances, we should listen to the feedback from the body, and we should be more careful in high temperature situations. Early symptoms of heatstroke include fatigue, sleepiness, chest tightness, stop sweating, confusion, and nausea. When you feel the above symptoms, you should stop the exercise decisively, immediately replenish the electrolyte drink and restore your body function.
In addition, many first-time runners will set goals very high at the beginning, and they don’t know that these goals often exceed their abilities. Running is a long-term exercise, not a one-off exercise. Those who run fast are trained in science for many years to achieve a high level of competition. For amateur runners, run slowly to run farther. The distance should be from near to far, step by step, and do what you can.

Summer heat is a challenge for everyone who loves running. It’s much better to slow down your running speed and reduce your workout intensity than to run hard. Run in the summer to reduce the intensity and slow down the rhythm of running. Even if you already have good athletic ability and physical fitness, you still need to prevent heat stroke. This will reduce the impact of the hot summer weather on our running, avoiding some unexpected situations and affecting physical and mental health.

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