No kidding, it is a wearable banana.

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Everyone has heard of wearable devices, Every runner loves banana, but have you seen a wearable banana?

Dole, which specializes in the production of fresh vegetables and fruits, made wearable bananas for the two contestants during the 2015 Tokyo Marathon. This special banana not only can be eaten, but also provides physical strength for the participants and provides heart rate and breathing in real time. And other data.


As a sponsor of the Tokyo Marathon, Dole is not satisfied with sending a few bananas to the contestants, or revealing a logo on the spot, so in 2014, Dole began to play the idea of ​​banana peel.

Dole invites contestants to participate in a “Banana Trophy lottery” competition on Facebook. The final winner, when participating in the competition, will wear a pair of shoes with RFID chip, and when they reach the finish line, the shoes will be triggered and a message “just ending the 2014 Tokyo Marathon” will be sent on their respective Facebook pages. The relatives and friends of the contestants will naturally see this information in the first time and send a blessing in the back. At this time, Dole will wait at the finish line and automatically print these blessings on the banana in real time. Give these contestants.

That year, the Banana Trophy event shared about 720,000 online, hitting 28 million people, and it brought media reports worth about $1.1 million. In the following month, Dole Banana’s sales increased by 115%.

2015, catching up with fashion, Dole launching the wearable bananas.
By 2015, Dole had taken advantage of the hot wearable technology to make bananas a wearable device. Athletes can measure the body’s metrics and wear bananas after the run.

A Dole spokesperson revealed how the wearable banana was made – first peeling off the banana peel, removing the banana inside, then loading a LED light and a smaller banana, and finally putting It is closed again.

The banana peel of this wearable banana turns into a monitor that displays the athlete’s heart rate and the time it takes to swim back and forth in real time. It is recommended that the contestants eat the bananas during the game. In addition, bananas will show support and blessings from family and friends.

Of course, not every athlete has the opportunity to wear this wearable banana. Dole only made two of this special equipment. They ate the bananas after the game.

Dole also said that the wearable device could not be mass-produced, but would consider making other wearable devices that can put a banana inside.

Can’t wait to see/eat them.

See you in the 42.195 KM finish-line

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