My 1st marathon

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It was Sept 6, 2014.

The weather is fine, no wind, the temperature is 35 degrees, it is very suitable for horse (zi) pull (sha) pine training… fine (cao) color (dan) life does not need to explain ~ too optimistic about the weather, no electrolyte Supplements, so 22k left calf began to cramp, 24k right leg cramps, 25k thigh cramps, action can not ….. massage, stretching, run away combined, step by step, although it took more time, I still realized my own plan…..What doesn’t kill you make you stronger… Run (walk) 42.4k, the legs have basically lost consciousness, and the 1.2km journey back is enough. After walking for half an hour, from the turning point of the pedestrians on the road, the expression of pain and happiness at that time must be very funny. . . What they don’t know is that every step, every breath, every heartbeat is making me stronger! (I am fortunate that there are always some people along the way. When I feel that I can’t support myself, I encourage me and support me around me~ Thank you very much!!!)

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Finally, I Can Call myself Marathon Runner Now:)

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