Morning run in the Starstown, Lake Tekapo.

Runner stories

Woken up by the alarm clock at 6:58 in the morning.

What an honorable alarm ringing from 6:30.
The Milky Way I saw last night was floating in front of my eyes. I am 100% sure that this is not cause by dizziness.
Anyone who have seen such a scene will sigh his own smallness and the magic of nature.

I can choose to turn off the alarm clock, continue to lie on the bed, close my eyes and continue to relive the spectacular Galaxy that I saw last night. After all, the time of team departure is 9 o’clock, no hurry needed.
Or, I can choose to use a running in my dream town to make an intimate contact to explore the world under the stars.

Soon, the temptation to run in the morning of dream’s town surpassed the fun of continuing to lie in a bed, and the crash accident happened last night when I reversed the car also caused my mood to be somewhat depressed today. This also needs to be dispatched asap.

Let’s do this. Man up dude.
Then I used the fastest speed, got up, push myself to my running suit and cleaned my face, and after a simple warm-up, at 7:10, I started the first intimate contact with Lake Tekapo in the soft morning light with the cool morning breeze.

There are also several slopes on the road to the lake, but it is just a piece of cakes compared to what I suffered in Queenstown.
From the mistake street, I glanced at the Google map and checked the direction to the lake. I changed from the road to the roadside path and started my adventure.


The hare killed by passing vehicles is scattered in the wild like a scum, giving themselves back to the motherland that raised them.
In the woods, in addition to the sunlight that sprinkles on the ground through the gaps in the branches, you can occasionally hear the sounds of unknown birds greeting each other in this morning.

The little lupines and daffodils dotted with the land which had not fully recovered from the winter yet.
In the distance is the beautiful Lake Tekapo. In the early morning when the sunlight is not shining, it looks like a beautiful woman lying on the bed, looking at you lazily.

A little warrior kid passing by, with a helmet and riding a nice tricycle, said Hi to me, I also nodded with a Hi back, plus Good morning. Good morning. The childish children’s voice drifted in the morning light by the lake.
Keep running, fully breathing the moist air.
Although I am not sure if this scene has appeared in my dreams.
But I think I am falling in love with this place.

After running for about two kilometers, I arrived the Church of the Good Shepherd by the lake.
My friend, Wang, got up much earlier than me and has already taken pictures of the morning view in front of the church.
After greeting, I turned the direction, ran back along the other side of the road by the lake.
The path along the lake has a winding road that extends into the woods. What in front is an unknown, full of temptation.

But with pity, I don’t have more time to take another “adventure”. So I hurried to the main road back home.

By then the sun rose higher than I started, and there were several runners appeared in the top of road.
But I have finished my first running in Lake Tekapo.

A Beautiful Lake named Tekapo, looking froward to meet you next time.
Hope will not wait too long.

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