Morning run in the Queenstown, Oct 2.

Runner stories

Woke up at 7:23 in the morning.

The quality of sleep recently is very poor, only 1 point to sleep, this summer time seems to be unable to match the biological clock, only alcohol can help sleep.

My girl asked me if I want to get up and run. Why not? Nothing but get up and run. Grinding and arranging, starting at 7:46, the face is chilling in the morning, and you can see the morning sun, the morning moon and the golden clouds.

After a simple warm-up, set off. I looked at the big slope down the mountain. I swallowed secretly and Prayed my knees would not be broken. Rush, start running downhill. Use the forefoot to grow buffer, The quadriceps felt a tight stretch because of lacked exercise, my guess.

After running for about 2 kilometers, I went to the foot of the mountain. No sweat, Because it is the way downhill, it didn’t take much effort. At present, the breathing is smooth. The path to the Lake Wakatipu, the small animals in New Zealand are not afraid of people, it is estimated to be cooked and eaten in my country. A few ducks walked on the grass, some people running together in the park. A scene of harmony.

Running along the lake to the ship dock, where I saw the steam cruise ship TSS Earnslaw, which I will be on board at 10 am, and the ship looked so great with more than 100 years age. While I didn’t find a place to check in after a round of the pier. Forget it, I will find out later when I come back and take the boat.

Turned back, ran across the turntable of the mountain, saw the mountaineering road on the side of the road, I wanted to go in and explore the road. After running for a while, I saw the road map at the intersection and 4 hours to the top of Fern hill. . . Oh, short of time, forget about it. So I ran back to the intersection and looked at the slope of the mountain. I swallowed a big sip before I started climbing.

OMG, the first long slope almost blew me out, panting. There is no special fatigue in the leg muscles, but the breathing is clearly unable to keep up. The deterioration of cardiopulmonary function is more powerful than I thought. In addition, the recent sleep has not been good enough, and it may also affect physical strength. What is even more terrible is that you run out without eating anything. Where is the confidence, it is the fat inside your body. ? On the second ramp I couldn’t move, and I had to start walking shamelessly. Far from seeing the accommodation on the top of the mountain, when driving, it is only the distance between the two-legged throttle. I seem to be exhausted in this matter, and it seems that big distance between heaven and earth.

Persevere, there is the last hundred meters. In 54 minutes, I finally got back to the starting point. I happily knocked a roadside traffic sign to encourage myself, well done dude. Then I slowly walked to the front door.

The sun is getting higher, stretching and taking a break before I get ready to go out.

Fortunately, the car has not gone, may be I can take a ride downhill.

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