Morning run, afternoon run and night run, which is the “best running time”?

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Morning run, afternoon run and night run, which is the “best running time”?
Running is a favorite way of exercising. It does not require any equipment and is less subject to site constraints.
The running time is very particular, the morning run, the afternoon run and the night run are very different. Which time period is the most suitable for you?
The appropriate time to run depends on the external environment and physical condition. The external environment mainly considers temperature, humidity, air quality, etc.; the physical state includes fatigue, hunger, etc.

Morning run
In the morning, the sun has not risen completely or there is cloud, and the temperature and humidity are suitable. The slow running speed of 30~40 minutes is not too big, and the body feels more comfortable.
Morning running can also make people quit the habit of sleeping late, let the body wake up completely, and maintain a good mental state throughout the day.
After a night of respiration, the vegetation releases a lot of carbon dioxide. The relatively low temperature is also not conducive to the diffusion of dust and particles in the air. The air quality is poor and it is easy to cause respiratory diseases.
In addition, after getting up in the morning, the general appetite is poor, and you are not willing to eat. If you have an empty stomach or a high-intensity morning run, it is easy to induce hypoglycemia.

Running in the afternoon
At this time, the air is better, the morning fog is exhausted, and the sunshine is sufficient. At 3 to 5 in the afternoon, the person’s mental state is full and his physical strength is relatively abundant, which not only improves the efficiency of running, but also reduces the risk of injury.
In the afternoon, the sun is still hanging high in the air. At this time, the ultraviolet rays are strong, and outdoor running is easy to sunburn. Moreover, if it is summer, the air and surface temperature are too high, and the body feels very hot. A lot of sweating will cause the body to lose water quickly and it is easy to heat stroke.

night run
The air has a high oxygen content, the temperature is suitable, and the environment is conducive to running. The evening is convenient and plentiful and does not affect work and study.
The office worker ended his day’s work, physical and mental fatigue, decreased physical function and responsiveness, and running was not conducive to restoring physical fitness and increased the risk of injury.

Night running also affects dinner and sleep:
One hour before and after exercise is not suitable for eating, and night running needs to postpone the evening meal time.
Running stimulates the central nervous system of the human body, making the sympathetic nerves active and even promoting the brain to secrete dopamine. Therefore, night running is exciting and can lead to difficulty falling asleep or insomnia.

Everyone has the best running time and running style for them.
If you choose to run in the morning, avoid fasting. Eat some bread or drink a small amount of milk and water before running. The intensity should not be too large. The jogging time is controlled within one hour.
Run in the afternoon to avoid direct sunlight, pay attention to sun protection, preferably after 4 pm.
It is best to run at night in the evening after the sun sets. Start running after simple eating. Slow running in 30 to 40 minutes is better.

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