Lucky everyday.

Runner stories

Normally, I get used to eat a banana with protein shake as my breakfast after running. As usual, this morning I picked up one nothing special but looking a little bit ugly from outside. It’s okay. Anyway I gonna eat it if taste not bad like out-looking. Then I opened it.


You get more than you thought.

What hell is it?

There seems two bananas covered the same one peel. I took the twins’ banana. Oh God! I just need one and you give me two.

Yeah. No doubt. I ate them carefully as grace. And I think I am lucky today. I am so happy to have more food at breakfast than usual.

The end of story.

Hold on a second. Now I am thinking that how many days I thought I was lucky and be happy for it.

Huh, what surprised me is that not pretty much came out of my mind. I only clearly remember those days of pains, lies, cheat and so on, bad things. For good days, they are blurred. What’s wrong with my memories? There should be happy days though I can barely figure out their details.

Why bad things so remarkable? People hate loss.

There is another story about how forgetful people can be, which I read from somewhere I don’t remember.

A well dressed business man walked through a street and saw a ragged old homeless man sitting in the corner, who leaving a tin can in front. The business man was kind. So he left 10 dollars in the old man’s can when passing through. “God bless you Mister, thank you Mister.” the homeless man said thank you and paid tribute to this gentleman. Day after day, this scene kept happening. Finally they got used to it. The Business man didn’t notice that since when no more words of thanks be heard. One day He went bankrupt due to business failure. He was so sad that he forgot to give money to the beggar as normal. The beggar was so angry. He jumped up and grabbed the gentleman, and yelled, “Where you took my money!”

My behavior is just like the beggar of this story. I keep taking the gifts of life as deserved. I don’t know how lucky I am and even think about it.

I just ask for more as I deserved all good fated. If something turns out badly, I curse. If it goes well, I think it should be. Nothing ought to be thankful. And nothing to be my happiness either.

Since we ignored our lucky daily stuff which getting used, so that we can’t feel it. We feel unlucky so that we aren’t happy. It happens everyday. It seems like a god damn cycle. Finally, we feel ourselves like not be blessed, homeless. Just like the beggar of the story. We are too blind to see the angles surrounding us. Until something abnormal like “twins’ banana” happened to remind us how lucky we were.

We are not deserved to be happy.

By figuring out that, we turn on the light of the dark room of life and find so much we have already got. It turns out that everyday is a lucky day. So many good things comes to us. The fresh air, the water, the soft wind. The smile from babies, lovers, workers. The concern from parents, friends, colleagues.

I am so blessed.

I am so lucky.

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