Is it really good to run on an empty stomach?

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Some people think that fasting is the most effective for weight loss. They think that in the first 20 minutes of exercise, carbohydrates are mainly consumed as energy. After 20 minutes, fat is used passively as a second energy source.
When you wake up in the morning, because the carbohydrate has been consumed as energy during sleep, if you exercise at this time, the body’s fat can be burned as the first energy, which means that the time before burning fat can be shortened. Lose more fat during the same running time.
First, foreign studies have confirmed that fasting exercise can promote fat consumption
In fact, there have been studies abroad that have shown that fasting exercise is effective in promoting fat consumption, but the mechanism is not shortened as the fat mobilization time mentioned above.
L. H Enevoldsen’s 2005 study in the Department of Clinical Physiology, Copenhagen Hospital, Denmark, showed that exercise under starvation can enhance lipid metabolism during exercise and after exercise, and the rate of adipose tissue decomposition during exercise, catecholamine An increase in concentration is a more important determinant than a decrease in insulin concentration.
In 2004, Wim Derave et al. of the University of Leuven, Belgium, recruited 45 males with metabolic syndrome who underwent blood glucose and insulin responses in the mornings of no exercise, fasting and vigorous exercise. survey.
The results showed that the rate of fat oxidation in fasting exercise was higher than that in postprandial exercise, but the mechanism is still unclear. In the literature currently found, the author did not find a conclusion to support the shortening of fat mobilization time due to low carbohydrates.
Second, the impact of fasting exercise on physical health
On the other hand, if carbohydrate reserves are insufficient, proteins are required to participate in oxidative energy supply and synthetic glucose.
In general, the proportion of protein energy in exercise is relatively small, and Cathcart’s research in 1925 showed that protein energy accounts for less than 10% of energy expenditure in exercise. Chen Jizhen, Yang Zeyi, Jiao Ying and other studies on athletes’ protein metabolism and needs in 1982 found that when the glycogen in the body is depleted, the amino acid supply can rise to 10-15%.
As a nutrient, protein is mainly the material basis of the body tissue cells, which can promote growth and development, participate in the body’s material metabolism, form antibodies, enhance immunity, and provide energy is not its main physiological function.
If too much protein is involved in energy supply, it will have serious consequences, causing slow growth, decreased muscle composition, and even affecting immune system function. Therefore, in daily life and exercise, we should try to avoid protein decomposition.
In summary, fasting exercise promotes fat metabolism, but fasting movement may also cause protein decomposition, affecting normal physiological functions of the human body.
Third, the correct method of exercise
1. Avoid complete fasting exercise and maintain a certain level of carbohydrates in the body. If you are getting up early or before meals, add some biscuits or energy bars to maintain your blood sugar levels during exercise.
2, pay attention to the movement process at any time, if there is a dizziness phenomenon, quickly add sugary sports drinks to maintain blood sugar stability and exercise capacity.
3. If you exercise after a meal, you should choose more than one and a half hours after the meal. After the food in the gastrointestinal tract is basically digested, start exercising.

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