How to keep running everyday? There are some tips might help.

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1.Do sth during the fartlek.

Fartlek in Sweden means “speed game”, a kind of running training based on uncertain time intervals (like swinging back and forth between running and jogging). One of Robin’s personal favorite patrick runs is alternate jogging and sprinting. Running is over before you realize it!

2.TRY off-road trail training

If you usually run in town, look for a cross-country route in the park or in the natural environment! The soft road surface also allows the bones and joints of the legs to rest.

3.Find a running partner

Running with a running partner, the same line will be given new meaning. Knowing who has to meet will help motivate yourself.

4.Creat new route

If you can run out of fun, then an extra 5-20 minutes will be worth it. Go and see the running map. Choose a route that someone else has run in your area.

5.Speed up in you cozy day

Next time, when you find yourself feeling sluggish, bored or struggling while running, consider adding a few speed training to restart. Set the watch to a 30 second sprint. Sometimes the “adrenalin” produced in this way is enough to resist depression.

6.Add some hope in the boring plan

We have all experienced it. The best way to overcome mental burnout is to register for a game.

Good luck:)

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