How to get the good running posture?

Runner training

At first.

What is the correct/good running posture?

Generally there are three standards:
1. Head straight, visually ahead, and accept the chin
2. arms and shoulders relax, swing arm amplitude is compact and coherent, bend elbow 90 degrees, avoid crossing the body midline
3. the waist is straight, the body is moderately forward, keep the center of gravity forward, use gravity to generate the power to accelerate the advancement 4, the toes face forward, the knees relax, the front part of the sole touches the ground first, so that the foot is gently landing, the location is Below the center of gravity, the pace is light, avoiding heavy footsteps

Correction of poor running posture:

1. Heel landing
Many people are asking how to avoid landing on the heel. In order to change this position, you need to take a running video on the side, then slowly look at it. You will find that the body is not leaning forward when the heel is landing. It is difficult to heel the ground, unless the anterior tibialis are very tight.
Learn to lean forward, then start correcting how to land your feet.
It is recommended to find a soft and safe sand or dirt road, take off your shoes, start running barefoot, you will find that you will naturally run with your feet (the heel will be very painful, the body is very “smart” to avoid this way ), you can practice a few times, each time can be very short, after all, this is posture training is not a running amount of training, so it does not take a long time, the feet will not stand.
Tips: In addition to this method, there are some good ways to do some flexibility exercises before running, activate the correct mode, such as hip running, high leg raising, skipping, running backwards, etc. work hard.
2. Tensioned upper limbs
Tips: Pay attention to those who have tight shoulders, whether they bend elbows 90 degrees, and whether the hands are relaxed, not to grab an egg to run ~ learn to relax hands, tight hands will make your whole upper limbs nervous.
Observe your head, is it leaning forward, many people in order to accelerate, wrong forward tilting the head, this will make the neck and shoulders very tight, remember, acceleration is leaning forward on the body, not the head can be accelerated (unless you are hitting the line ~)
3. Slower pace
Observe your pace, of course, there are a lot of advanced equipment to help you check this, you need to pay attention to this data. The step frequency is 1 minute. The number of times the foot touches the ground will generally reach 180 times per minute. The lower the step frequency, the longer the foot will touch the ground and the more difficult it is. So the pace of good runners is very high, and even some people can reach 190,200. Of course, these are related to talent, but most people can reach 180, so if your pitch does not reach 180, you need to speed up. .
Tips: There are also some tips here, such as running downhill, hip running, high leg raising, etc. will help you improve the pace.
4. Wrong swing arm
Many people will find that when they swing their arms, they are not swaying back and forth, but they are slanting. The displacement of the coronal plane will waste more energy and cause damage to the neck and shoulders. Therefore, a good swing arm is very important. . Running is not only the movement of the lower limbs, it is a whole, so you can’t ignore the swing arm. Many professional athletes specialize in practicing swinging arms~
The arm should be remembered: the elbow is 90 degrees, the front is not exposed after the elbow, the elbow is closed, the upper arm is swung back and forth, and the arm is swinged back and forth, and the natural position is released.
Tips: Look at the mirror and watch it. Let this action become automated. There is also a kind of person who needs to practice it. It is the person who turns too much on the upper body because the arm is not enough.

That’s all.

Keep running and have fun:)

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