How to finish your first 10K running?

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Running ten kilometers is not a difficult thing for me now. It is not a problem for me in the past, because running one kilometer at that time can kill me. Ten kilometers is something I never imagined.
So, since I can do it, I believe that everyone can do it. Here are some of my suggestions:
First of all, you have to have a desire to run. Many people want to start running, just to lose weight or improve the health of the sub-health. Practice has proved that this is very effective. But running is not the only option, such as swimming and cycling, all have similar effects. What I want to say is that if you want to finish ten kilometers, you should regard running as the main mode of exercise, and firmly believe in it.

Second, download a running app. In order to measure a ten-kilometer running route, I used the method of checking the car odometer to achieve it. It’s too stupid to think about it now. At present, the running friends use more running apps, such as Yue Run, 咕咚, Yi Dong, Le Power and so on.

Then, start running. Of course, it is not for you to run for ten kilometers. I always believe that running is the most honest thing. I can’t tolerate a little bit of falsehood. I must be down-to-earth and step by step. At the beginning, maybe you will be able to jump wildly for ten minutes, panting, sweating. Worried, everyone started like this. Only some people give up, and some people make a little progress.

The most first runner, you should care about the length of the run, not the pace and distance. On the first day, you ran for ten minutes. If you feel that you can’t keep going, you can stop and turn to the next day. Even if I run more than a minute, 11 minutes, it is progress. Running is such a step by step, accumulated in one minute and one minute.
When you can run for 30 minutes, start paying attention to the distance. After all, our goal is ten kilometers.
Before paying attention to the distance, it is appropriate to talk about the running frequency, that is, a few days a week and seven days. This must be different from person to person. I generally keep the frequency of running one off, that is, running three or four days a week. Haruki Murakami said that he usually runs six days a week. For amateur runners, it is already the limit. At least one day of rest per week is very necessary.
When you start to focus on distance, the professional’s suggestion is that after adjusting for the total amount of the week, you can decide the amount of running for the next week by 10% each time. If you run for three days a week, the general recommendation is to run the same amount in the first two days, slightly less. The third day, usually the weekend, runs a long distance.
Others say that they have no self-control and their mobility is not strong. Then join a running group. Participate in offline or online running groups, and the intense running atmosphere in the group will greatly infect you.
I once participated in an online running group event and planned to get up at five o’clock. When the alarm clock rings, I want to be lazy. But when I opened the phone, I had already had a group of friends to complete the plan, and I immediately jumped up.
Take part in a competition. Participating in a formal competition is a powerful motivation for you to continue. When I was a running white, with no goals and direction, I signed up for the 10km project of Zhengkai Marathon (now Zheng Kai has cancelled this project). The excitement and excitement, and the strong motivation for the half way and the whole process, are still fresh in the present.

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