How to choose your marathon shoes? Time can tell.

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Hello there. I am about to enter the marathon season. After a year of hard work, I am sure you are ready to win a new PB this season.
Before that, there was a small problem. Which shoes in the shoe cabinet can do it?
You have rummaged through the magazine and asked google several times, but the answers are not satisfactory, because you know that a pair of shoes are not fit, only the people who have experienced it know.
The problem has become a bit tricky, you have to create a PB, which may be beyond the scope of active running shoes.
How do I pick a pair of running shoes that I have not yet entered the field?
Time can tell.

  1. Completion time 5-6 hours, finish level just fine
    HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6

HOKA ONE ONE’s running shoes have always been highlighted by the ultra-thin midsole design, which makes people think of super cushioning performance at a glance. In all HOKA ONE ONE running shoes, the Bondi 6 midsole is the most powerful. The thickest part of the Bondi 6 midsole reaches 33mm, which is visible to the naked eye and soft to the comfort of the bones.
In the six-hour marathon, the decline in physical strength in the second half will definitely test your feet. At this time, if you can step on a pair of soft-sports running shoes, even walking on a hard track will make your feet comfortable. If you just want to experience the marathon successfully and don’t bring too much nightmare to your feet, you need a pair of running shoes that provide super cushioning to accompany you to complete the game. I will not hesitate to recommend HOKA ONE ONE to you. Bondi 6.
The pair of huge running shoes are made of high-tech materials with a net weight of 10.8 oz (size 9). The ultra-thick Soft EVA midsole with 33mm back and 29mm forefoot is 30% softer than traditional EVA material. There is no other feeling of being overwhelmed. When you are running, Bondi 6 does only one thing at your feet, providing you with a rich and lasting buffer.
At the same time, the Bondi 6 is not only a very good performance of the buffer, but also can convey the feedback to the feet with relatively clear feedback in the feedback performance of the rebound, but it is not as obvious as the TPU midsole. This kind of rebound performance can well suppress the feeling of venting caused by the ultra-thick midsole.

  1. Completion time 4.5-5 hours, try hard to level
    Saucony Triumph ISO 4

As the flagship cushion running shoe in the Saucony running shoe matrix, Triumph ISO 4 accumulates almost all of the brand’s running shoe technology, which has laid the foundation for its all-around running shoes.
The runners who have their own horse performance at 5:00-4:30 are always the group of people who are pursuing themselves. They are eager to achieve a breakthrough. Therefore, running shoes for them must be able to provide assistance on the track.
The new Triumph ISO 4 combines excellent cushioning and excellent rebound performance with a full-face Everun midsole and Everun insole, which greatly enhances the flexibility and flexibility of the Triumph ISO 4 midsole.
Triumph ISO 4’s midsole advantage is very obvious, the floor feels soft and thick (but there is no obvious sinking feeling), the foot has a more obvious rebound feedback, this foot is very conducive to find and establish the rhythm in the early running.
Coupled with the cushioning and psychological effects of the Everun insole, the cushioning performance of the Triumph ISO 4 is excellent in daily training and the first 35 km of the marathon, so the entire running process on the Everun midsole is a very pleasant one. process.

  1. Completion time 4-4.5 hours, break the limit level
    Mizuno Wave Rider 22

After twenty-two years of wind and rain baptism, Mizuno Wave Rider 22 debuted again, proving that it is still the hard-working national running shoes.
As one of the few sports brands that currently use mechanical suspension structures on their mainstream products, Mizuno’s unique Wave technology is undoubtedly worthy of recognition.
Adding Wave’s mechanical structure to the traditional foam midsole, the Rider 22’s sole support can reveal a distinctive character. At the same time, the combination of traditional midsole foam and mechanical cushioning structure has turned Rider 22 into a pair of running shoes that both cushion and rebound.
And because of the solid mechanical structure, the effective life of the buffer midsole can be greatly extended. At the same time, the cushioning effect of your running sole will not be attenuated by the increase of distance.
Players who have their scores at 4:30-4:00 must have their own understanding of speed.

  1. Completion time 3.5-4 hours, runner evolution level
    New Balance RC 1400v6

Compared with other racing shoes, the 1400 is the better cushioning in racing shoes.
In the rhythm running training, it can obviously feel the cushioning performance of the forefoot and the hind paw, which makes the RC1400 v6 more suitable for the advanced runners who have not started racing shoes.
In the long-distance test, after 25 km, the sole was not felt hard, but it was still flexible enough.
Not only that, the new RC1400 v6 has a seamless upper that is lighter and more breathable. Moreover, the tongue part is also changed into a single-layer thin tongue, which has stronger friction and avoids the deviation of the previous generation of tongues.
After the upgrade of the tongue and upper, it can be said that the RC1400 v6 has brought the New Balance RC 1400 series to a peak.
Regardless of the weight and appearance of the foot and the real, it is very satisfying. The RC1400 v6 has no so-called upper threshold. Whether it is a marathon elite or an advanced runner who wants to improve the performance, you can try this pair of running shoes.
For players who want to challenge themselves at 4:00-3:30, the RC1400 v6 may be your perfect boot.

  1. Completion time 3-3.5 hours, to be elite level

The constantly updated TARTHERZEAL series is the racing shoe for the irons in the ASICS running shoe matrix, marking the field of the gods of the whole horse.
The tiger walked, named after the Chinese characters on the upper.
TARTHERZEAL 6 has a very light weight of 170g, the forefoot is completely covered by the extremely solid grain bottom, and the Propulsion Trusstic elastic piece is in the middle to the forefoot. The overall feel is very strong. The midsole uses FlyteFoam and followed by GEL, and the upper is also a traditional mesh + leather stitching support strip.
The outsole uses DUOSOLE material with better grip, and the upper is made of breathable Adapt mesh fabric. The point is that TARTHERZEAL’s design is very suitable for Asian foot types, which is one of the best choices for us to try running shoes.
With the goal of 3:30-3:00, TARTHERZEAL 6 may be your best partner on the elite road.

6.SUB 3 hours, Elite runner level
Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% Flyknit

The new racing shoes that just launched in August this year, as the Vaporfly 4% upgraded shoes, the biggest update is also written directly on the shoe name.
Its achievements have been constantly verified in the competition, if you want to become an elite, Vaporfly 4% Flyknit can not be missed.
The upper is changed from the previous single-layer breathable Flymesh mesh material to the Flyknit fabric that Nike thinks is better. The overall wrap feel is stronger and the sense of unity is more obvious.
Due to the wear resistance of the breathable mesh material, the Vaporfly 4% Flyknit’s upper life will increase after replacing the Flyknit fabric.
In addition, Vaporfly 4% Flyknit and Vaporfly 4% difference is not too big.
The midsole is still equipped with Nike ZoomX foam that is ultra-light, soft and provides excellent energy feedback. The built-in full-handle carbon fiber board provides sufficient thrust while increasing stiffness. The outsole only adds wear-resistant rubber to the heel and forefoot areas.
Vaporfly 4% Flyknit has a weight of 189 grams and is suitable for elite wear within 3 hours of Marathon race.

See you here, have you chosen your shoes?
In addition to the running shoes mentioned above, which pair of shoes do you want to recommend for different finishing times?

Pls tell me with comments, THX:)

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