How to be an early-bird runner?

Runner training

Early bird gets the worm.

The pace of life in modern cities is getting faster and faster, people are sleeping more and more late, and the nature is getting late and late, so many friends’ running training is night running.
However, there are such a group of people who get up early, and when most people are still dreaming, they have completed a day of exercise, we call them “morning runners.”
First of all, the wonders of the morning run should be known and experienced by many people.
Usually the bustling streets in the morning are extraordinarily clean. Only some breakfast stalls and cleaners get up and work, the sun is shining, and occasionally friends who are also going out to exercise will say hello and feel the city’s awakening.
I have been insisting morning running for years. Everything feels good. Next, I will share the experience of this time.
If you are going to be a morning runner, perhaps the following sharing is useful to you.
1. Get start with a running partner
Recall that the experience of the morning run is with my friends.

For the first time, my friend’s morning run was in Xihu park, Fuzhou city. At 6 o’clock in the morning, there was no one. The bluestone was shiny, the riverside road washed the grass, and the lion mountain was still awakening. The ancient city, that feels awesome.
Last winter, the outdoor in Beijing was once below zero, and the friends who shared the rent basically got up at 6 am every day to go to Ossen to run. I followed it a few times. At the beginning, the air was cold and bitter, and the breath was white gas. Run and run, you will meet peers.
The early winter sun passes through the clouds and is still very beautiful. Sometimes it is true that I should go to the road, and naturally I will meet my fellow travelers.
The next few morning runs were either due to the competition or an appointment with a friend. When I think about it, I have never run alone in the morning, and I basically go to sleep.
So it is important to find a friend who can run together so that everyone can monitor and motivate each other. Or join some of the morning run community, generally there will be a corresponding punishment mechanism, need to run in the morning.
During the week of the morning run, I have been running with my friends. When I don’t want to get up, I think that my friend is already waiting downstairs, so I got up and got used to it.
2. Guarantee sleep time, get up early and get up early
I often hear that it is difficult to get your attention and become groggy when you get up early and ruin your day.
But this early ruin is said to sleep late and get up early. If you sleep early, it will be normal in the morning, not only will not ruin the next day, but will make the next day more efficient.
Under normal circumstances, the author is sleeping from 12 o’clock to 1 o’clock, or even 2 o’clock. He often sleeps until 8 o’clock or 8:30, and always feels that he has not slept enough. If it is not because there is no seat in every subway, I can estimate that I can fall asleep on the subway.
However, after the implementation of the morning run plan, it is different. In order to get up early the next morning, I adjusted the sleep time to 11 o’clock, and even went to bed at 10:30. Basically, all kinds of friends and microblogs would not be brushed again. It seems that there is no impact.
3. Set up several alarm clocks
I can’t remember how many mornings, when the alarm clock sounds, I always habitually reach out and press the close button. That’s it, missed a lot of early morning.
If I have to get up the next day, then I will set up 2 alarm clocks, 2 minutes apart, so that if the first alarm clock does not get up, there is a second one, and the middle 2 minutes is “sleeping time”. It is.
Of course, one of the more absolute methods is to turn the mobile phone alarm clock into a powerful music, and then put the phone out of reach, so you have to get it to turn off the alarm clock.
4. Get ready the night before
It is best to have the next day’s running things ready to be placed next night, so that the bed can be quickly replaced with equipment, the province’s hands are busy, and there is no drop.
5. Warm up before running and a cup of warm water
After a night of sleep, the body has not been fully activated, it is lazy, so you need to warm up and water before running.
6. Run slowly to find the rhythm that belongs to you.
When you start running, the speed will slow down and slowly adapt, you can gradually accelerate.
In addition, it is best to eat something before departure, such as a banana or half an apple. If you run far, you need to bring hydration.
If you are ready, try the morning run, maybe you will fall in love with the morning run and become a morning runner.

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