Have you ever imaging running on a bike? It is true now.

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Wow, this bike is so cool!
But wait a minute. Feeling that something is wrong?
That’s right, because it’s a “walking bike”!

This bicycle principle is similar to that of a treadmill, and the track can be used to start the car.
The unique aspect of Lopifit is that the pedals are replaced by a pair of shoes. As soon as the person steps on the track and begins to walk forward, the track will roll in the opposite direction, just like using a treadmill.

Although it is driven by walking, it can be assisted by the motor of the rear wheel 250W, which can reach the speed of ordinary people walking 4 times, and the speed is about 27 kilometers.
Front and rear LED warning lights provide a certain level of security for night travel. More warmly, there is a stylish luggage rack in the rear wheel position, which not only can be used to place related items, but also can be used to carry people. But be sure to pay attention to safety, after all, Lopifit is just a bicycle!

6-speed speed control button, the fastest 25km / h, the endurance can reach 55 kilometers.

This is perfect for those who like aerobics but who are in a hurry.

The man who invented this anti-theft artifact was named Bruin Bergmeester, and in 1962 he was born in a small town in the Netherlands, Emmen.

Bruin Bergmeester has a strong ability to invent things since childhood. After hundreds of experiments, he finally combined the treadmill and the bicycle perfectly, creating a new means of transportation, lopfit. The first batch of 300 lopfits detonated the social network, and the product video uploaded to YouTube got 25 million playbacks. The lopfit caused countless people to watch and was quickly snapped up.Bruin proudly took it to the streets, attracting the attention of countless people.

Soon, Lopifit has received attention from all over the world. Many TV stations such as Germany, Qatar, Czech Republic, USA, Japan, and the Netherlands have reported.
Technical insider, commercial insider, FUJI TV, DW-Euromaxx and other websites have also been highly rated.
Even the “walking bicycle” video that was taken at random was more than 25 million.

Soon Bruin founded his own company and established an e-commerce website to start selling his invention online.
However, the price of up to 1699 euros is really not cheap!

In order to allow more people to experience this bike, Bruin decided to share the rental at a fairly cheap price.

Today, this bicycle is not only spread all over the Netherlands, but also sweeps the world!
Now, is your dream come true?





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  1. Avatar mirandayu says:

    this bicycle is suitable for those who lazy but also want to exercise. such as me.

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