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In April, gradually , the weather is warming up.
People who had crouched for a winter and spring returned to the stadium.

As a slang said, “If you can’t lose weight in the spring, you will cry in the summer.”

Because when the weather is cold, you can still cover your raised belly with a thick coat, but in summer the nuisance will leak your true side.

The dark-side I guess.

So I returned to the playground with a “upgraded hardware”, repeating the routine work of each year, to lose some weight that I brought in the winter.

The Spring pollen is not very kind to people who are allergic to certain respiratory tracts, and it will not take long for your nose to turn from “protest” to “strike”.

Well, it’s not that bad. I don’t plan to challenge my physical fitness at this beginning, or turning to last year’s shape immediately. Now It’s just a 5 km recovery exercise. I won’t stay outdoors for long. So I thought I can bear with a little stuffy stuff.

Unexpectedly , after running for 2 km, the nose has been breathing the fresh air unimpeded.

In my imagination, I am like an old steam locomotive that has been idle for too long. After the engine is warm-up, it will steaming to run tirelessly. I really hope so, but for now I have to move on carefully.

The Rubber runway takes good care of my weak joints and awkward running posture.

I don’t mind, back to running is the most important thing for me.

Yes, I started running again, in the 2019’s spring playground.

running in the beginning of 2019

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